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Downtown Central Social Time

It’s not so much lunch, as a Food Eating Workshop.

Wednesday, December 19

Open 11:30am - 12am

Halfway through your week. Halfway through your day. Sounds like a reason to celebrate to us.

Your annoying boss. Your annoying clients. Your squeaky chair. Destress with $4 drinks, appetizers and treats.

50% off Jerry's Crispy Ribs.

Some people call Wednesday "hump day," and that's just weird. Discuss. $4 drinks, appetizers and treats. Kitchen serving until 2am.

We know Wednesdays can be hard, and we're trying to make it a little easier with our house red and white wines for only $4 from open to close!

Steak is an excellent source of protein. And Steak.

Grab our Loco Chicken Tacos for only one (1) dollar with the purchase of any beverage. Enjoy your tacos with $4.50 Sol & House wine!

Come celebrate Friday night's eve. (It's like New Years Eve, except 52 times a year.) $4 drinks, appetizers and treats - a kitchen that's open as late as the bar.

Thursday, December 20

Open 11:30am - 2am

Friday, December 21

Open 11:30am - 2am

No one said you couldn’t start your countdown to the weekend at lunch. In fact, we encourage it.

Free wings are back for good. Celebrate with $5 Miller High Life, and of course free wings! One order of wings with the purchase of any beverage.

The DJ won't stop spinning until you hear “Stairway to Heaven”. We’re sort of kidding.

Brunch is the only time you can experience our mythical brunch menu. You can even bring the little ones along! Plus we'll throw in Frozé, Bellinis, Mimosa's and Sangria for only $5.

Because the weekend is for celebrating. $4 drinks, appetizers and treats 3 - 6pm

Macarana. The Sprinkler. Gangnam style. Show us what you’ve got.

Saturday, December 22

Open 10am - 2am

Sunday, December 23

Open 10am - 11pm

We took the most important meal of the day, and added champagne. Table side Mimosa's with Pasqua Prosecco Bottles $20. And Frozé, Bellinis, and Sangria for only $5. Looking for a place to bring the family? Don't fret! All ages are welcome for our weekend brunches!

Make the most of the weekend. $4 drinks, appetizers and treats. 9pm - close

Get in the holiday spirit with some holiday spirits. : 3pm - 11pm

Before you settle your brain for a long winter's nap, head to Central for some jingling and mingling because, from 3pm to close, all drinks are 50% off! Consider it an early gift from us to you.

On second thought, please do. We have $9.99 Signature Burgers to get you through your Monday.

What kind of happy hour only lasts 1 hour? $4 drinks, appetizers and treats.

What's happening on Mondays? We are. $4 drinks, appetizers and treats. Kitchen up as late as you are.

Monday, December 24

Open 11:30am - 11pm

Tuesday, December 25

Open 11:30am - 11pm

Have a working lunch. We’ll even do the filing for you.

If your happy hour lasts less than three hours, visit us immediately. $4 drinks, appetizers and treats.

The best things start with P. Perogies, Pickles, Pretzels, PNutella Cheesecake - 50% off.

Late Night Happy Hour. $4 drinks, appetizers and treats. Kitchen serving as late as the bar. 9pm to close.